PixelWhipt partners with 360Heros & 3Dio Sound

PixelWhipt partners with 360Heros & 3Dio Sound


PixelWhipt is excited to announce today our official partnership with 360Heros and 3Dio Sound! Both 360Heros and 3Dio create industry-leading hardware for the creation of Immersive Content, including Virtual Reality. 360Heros manufactures an ever-growing line of precisely developed, patented 360-degree camera holder assemblies focused on the visual side of VR, while 3Dio manufactures unique binaural and omnidirectional microphones, making them an asset in VR audio production.

PixelWhipt’s Content Creators have experience using a wide variety of production equipment for the creation of immersive content, and PixelWhipt specifically chose to partner with 3Dio and 360Heros based upon their products’ superior quality and accessibility over all others with which they have so far experimented. We are excited to benefit the creators within our network by providing access to the amazing tools, resources, and industry knowledge available through 360Heros and 3Dio.

360Heros and 3Dio have their own history together collaborating on the interactive, 360-degree experience “Hello, Again”, featuring Beck and directed by Chris Milk. The experience allowed viewers to experience, virtually, what it’s like to be front row and on stage during a Beck concert, as he performs an electrifying cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”. We are hugely excited to be working with some of the brilliant minds that helped bring that project to life through their technology, and look forward to sharing the fruits of these partnerships with the 1.6+ million collective viewers subscribed to PixelWhipt creators! Stay tuned…


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