What We Do: For Brands

If you are an agency or brand looking to reach targeted audiences of millions through the rising trend of immersive web entertainment, PixelWhipt is a perfect fit. Because we focus on immersive web content that is optimized for wearable displays, such as Oculus Rift, your brand will be experienced in a more realistic, impactful way. Our network of influential creators are producing high quality, immersive entertainment for a wide variety of demographics, and are tapped into the hard to reach teen & millennial audiences.

Our co-founders have roots in the advertising, entertainment, and web technology industries, and we bring this combined experience to every fully-custom campaign we launch. Our approach to advertising involves blending the marketing into video content in an organic, entertaining, and authentic way. So, your brand plays a seamless role in the entertainment, as opposed to being an afterthought displayed in the form of an interstitial ad or quick shout-out. When audiences know they’re being marketed to, but are entertained by it, they don’t get turned-off and the brand earns their respect.

We accomplish this utilizing our Creative Brand Matching process, that ensures your brand gets matched with creators who align with your brand philosophy, and will market your brand authentically, building a genuine rapport between it and their audience. In short, your brand’s exposure isn’t enough, PixelWhipt will help people connect with it emotionally.

We also understand that a campaign is not a success without data, which is why we have a myriad of analytics tools for connecting the dots of each step of a campaign, leading up to each and every conversion. So, are you ready to be on the forefront of a new and exciting entertainment form?


Next-Gen Entertainment

Enable your brand to be experienced by audiences actively engaging with immersive-content.

Authentic Approach

Our transparent marketing approach connects your brand with creators who genuinely support it.

Targeted Audiences

Our data pool allows you to zero in on specific audiences you want to reach.

Fully Custom Campaigns

Have complete control over your brand’s integration.

Thorough Reporting

We provide clear and detailed reports providing all the behavioral insights from your campaign(s).